In May 2017, in addition to my education, I founded the clothing brand Heavenly Fit. With the use of social media I have been able to grow Heavenly Fit tremendously. Heavenly Fit is a leading urban streetwear clothing brand that delivers superior lifestyle apparel with sleek designs and minimalist designs. Designed with a stylized combination of sportswear and streetwear.

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In setting up the brand, all CMD aspects were discussed. Research, lots of brainstorming sessions, logo design, prototyping, testing, etc. I’d be happy to tell you more about this in a personal conversation! The name Heavenly Fit can be understood in two ways: a Heavenly Fit in terms of fit or in terms of physical. I made and tested a lot of sketches for a matching logo and finally came to the logo with the wings and the halo.



Heavenly Fit is designed for the fashion-conscious athlete. With minimalist designs and tight fits to accentuate the best parts of the body. I missed a clothing brand with high-quality sportswear, which does not immediately look like sportswear and can also be worn in nightlife. A mix between urban streetwear & sportswear. 

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All content is designed, photographed, edited and designed by me. Heavenly Fit is currently a sole proprietorship.