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My name is Andries Speksnijder and I’m a User Experience Designer. I like to design accessible interfaces, making digital products usable for everyone.

I design digital solutions and meaningful interfaces from Düsseldorf, Germany.

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Hogeschool Rotterdam


Due to the arrival of the Corona crisis, students have had to become acquainted with new programs in a short time to be able to follow distance learning. While these programs are intended to help and support, they also created a lot of confusion because each program works in a different way.
The student has six channels from the University that serve for communication and for requesting information, including: (webmail), checking study progress (Osiris & Hint), viewing their schedule (Hint), signing up for courses (Osiris & Webmail), Submitting of reports and downloading class materials (N@tschool). With the advent of distance learning, a number of collaboration programs have been added (Miro, Microsoft Teams, Trello, etc.) that enable remote collaboration.
With the advent of distance learning, the interaction between students has decreased significantly. There is no organic situation in which you get to know each other or have a chat. This creates an awkward situation for students to ask for feedback or help from fellow students.

A title

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Ensuring a practical way of studying, taking into account the challenges students face. More interaction between students without increasing the barrier to contact. A total solution to get structure and overview of the channels and programs used.

Design guidelines


The design should make it easier for students to
attend online education.


The design should promote interaction between students.


The design should help students to get an overview of their
classes, work and deadlines.


  Hint & Osiris


Atlas is an application specially developed for students. The application ensures that the study becomes more accessible and user-friendly for the students. Atlas replaces all channels of the Hogeschool by bringing them together in one place. All necessary and relevant features such as a live version of the schedule, an overview of the deadlines, a feedback channel, chat functions, uploading your report, overview of your progress, are integrated in the application. Thanks to the digital classroom, you can easily upload your work and ask for feedback from fellow students and teachers. Atlas guarantees every student the possibility to manage their student affairs through its simple yet compact system, anytime, anywhere.

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A welcome screen with the Atlas logo to welcome the user and allow the application to load in the background.


Via this page, students can log in with their student number and associated password as they are used to with the systems of the University of Applied Sciences.

LIVE Schedule

The live-schedule allows the student to track the progress of the current lesson, contact the teacher, navigate to the location and browse between lessons. The student receives updates from the digital classroom via the “Courses” block. The “Updates” block displays all university-wide notifications.

Cursussen & Deadlines

All courses that the students follow are accessible via this page. Each course has a digital classroom. Deadlines are listed by time and chronologically under the courses.


By clicking on a deadline, the student (if it concerns a deliverable) is given the opportunity to submit a deliverable.

Digital classroom

In the digital classroom, the student can consult the quarterly guide, view the status of the next lesson (online or physical), contact the teacher and ask for or give feedback to fellow students.


When students need feedback, they can upload their work and ask questions via this “feed”. Via the + button, a new post can be created. You can respond via the bar below the post. Each course has its own feedback channel.


The blue button shows whether the lesson takes place on location or online. When the lesson takes place online, the student can go to the correct channel via the Teams button. If the lesson takes place physically, the student will receive navigation to the location by means of Google Maps.

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