The police are working on a collaborative space in the head office, the so-called HUB. This space serves as a meeting place between police officers, but also to get in touch with “ordinary citizens”, residents of Rotterdam, students, technicians and other specialists. With these meetings, the police want to stimulate innovation within the unit. Through the HUB, the police want to give everyone the opportunity to share their ideas about security issues.

A title

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Ensuring intrinsic motivation among operational police officers to participate in the HUB by taking into account the values, needs and motivations of the operational police officer, especially those who are less innovation-minded.


With the “Hubbie” application I want to reach the widest possible target group within the police. From employees who are directly involved with innovation to the less innovative minded police officers. Through Hubbie, attention and interaction is built up slowly in order to prevent dropping out.


To give the concept a human atmosphere and to give the user a great deal of recognizability, we have made it possible to add and view stories in the app. In such a story, users can show what is currently happening in the physical HUB, new projects and/or events that have been added and many other updates that involve the rest of the target group and give the feeling of participation.


There is an option to add events, which then take place in the physical HUB. Here a user can see which events are scheduled this week and indicate whether he wants to participate in the event. In this way the user can choose what he finds interesting and what he wants and can contribute to.

The innovation projects

Innovation within the police is central to the HUB and therefore also to the Hubbie app. Therefore I made a “projects screen”. When the user clicks on the “lamp icon” in the navigation bar, he gets an overview of the projects that are being worked on. These are sorted by date added (new), type of project (eg social or technological) and short or long term. Projects can also be searched via a search bar and with each project the user can join and/or save the project to keep track of it. There is also an option to add comments to a project. This creates an easy and clear way of staying informed and connected of innovation within the police and the participation is more accessible.


The campaign is the first step to get the police officer to think about innovative ideas and to trigger them to participate in innovation within the police. This campaign consists of questions and statements. To ensure that these questions and statements are applied effectively and relevantly, we have drawn up a style guide, so that employees can use the HUBBIE app as effectively and purposefully as possible.

Campaign Posters


The home screen of the app. Here you can view stories of people who are present in the HUB, online events that can be attended and the latest updates are displayed immediately.


The middle button allows the user to upload a story, create a project or plan an event.


Through the stories, updates to the HUB can be shared and users of the HUB can share what they are working on.


Already recorded podcasts can be played back via the podcast screen. The search bar allows the user to search specifically for a podcast. Below the search bar are the recommended podcasts which serves as a horizontal slider.

Podcast Information

Here the users can read the description of the podcast. Via the start button they are sent to the linked service where the Podcast is hosted. The two icons below the image indicate whether it is a podcast with image and/or sound.


In this screen the user can read the description of a submitted project, respond to the project, save the project, share the project and register to participate.


In this screen all future events and agenda items are displayed.

Home Alternative

Alternative version of the home screen when there is no LIVE event.